Non surgical face lift

Non surgical face lift by threading technique is a non-surgical treatment for sagging skin on the face. Thread lifts can improve the appearance of drooping skin on the face. Thread lifts are an excellent way to correct saggy cheeks. Tiny threads are used to elevate the face in this procedure, which provides two goals. The threads not only provide instant lift, but they also activate the body’s repairing reaction. When the body heals an injury, it produces a great amount of collagen.

Collagen is a protein which binds the skin together and maintains it firm and healthy. The body will gradually raise the regions addressed with threads as collagen levels rise. As a result, even after the biodegradable threads have disappeared, the skin will remain flawless.

Who is the best candidate for non-surgical facelift?
Facelift by threading is excellent for men and women who desire to enhance their facial look without the expense and time consumption of a complete surgical facelift. People in their 20 to early 50 may benefit from this practice. Anybody who is interested in learning more about a thread lift can consider consulting us.

What parts of the face can be treated with non-surgical facelift threads?
Non-surgical face lift possible areas:
Under the chin, oval regions of the face, eyebrows, cheeks, cheekbones and the neck.

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