Face & Lip Fillers

Face and lip filler are injectable compounds that are inserted inside the face. They fill in lines and provide volume to regions like the cheeks and mouth.
Fillers are not a permanent process. The length of time they remain is determined by factors such as the kind of filler used and region it is injected. They often last 6 to 18 months.
The majority of dermal fillers utilized in our clinic contains hyaluronic acid, a natural compound.

How soon will I notice results from my filler session?
It can require up to 2 weeks for filler to completely settle.

How can I achieve nature looking filler?
To achieve natural outcomes, the physician injecting the filler should be skilled at filler insertion.
Dermatologists advise not doing fillers more frequently. A cautious approach will produce more natural-looking outcomes. Patients with extremely small lips, for example, must not have their lips significantly increased in size. Making these patients’ lips larger may be quite unattractive because the lips may begin to mimic a duck’s mouth.

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