Breast Reduction

Breast reduction operation involves the removal of extra fat, tissues, and skin of the breast. The goal of breast reduction operation is to reduce soreness or obtain a breast size that is suitable to your body.

What is the length of breast reduction operation?
Breast reduction operations might take 2 to 4 hours in general. The specialist may be capable to assist you with an approximation of how long the surgery will require.

What are the advantages of having breast reduction surgery?
Chronic Pain Reduction: Women with big breasts frequently have shoulder, neck, and back pain. The pain is promptly and permanently lessened by eliminating the excess weight. Since the shoulders will not move forward and apply pressure on the nerves, there will be no nerve discomfort or numbness in that area.

Physical activities: Since your breasts become smaller, you can easily participate in aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, and other sorts of activities. It is easy to place a more supporting bra, and the breasts will not bother you during the activity.

Is there any discomfort associated with breast reduction operation?
Although anesthesia will be used throughout the operation, you may have an unpleasant sensation for 2 or 3 days following the operation. You will be given pain medicine, and you will begin to heal every day more.

Do I have to lose weight before having breast reduction operation?
If you have extra weight, we may suggest you to lose weight before the surgery. We offer weight loss services in our clinic (surgical and non surgical).

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